HS Hackers NYC is one of many regional branches of the High School Hackers meetup group across the country.

The HS Hackers NYC local meetup group in New York City is run by John Mormon and Jon Moss.

Press Contact

hello at victorlourng dot com


Take a look at the file on GitHub.

Code of Conduct

Hackers are a heterogeneous group of people. Our diversity in gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, physical appearance, race, religion, and so on, fuels our creativity and enables us to approach solving problems from a variety of angles. In that spirit, HS Hackers and the meetup organizers who compose its advisory board have come up with this simple Code of Conduct that will hold ourselves and the people who attend our events accountable to.

While you’re at an event, do your best to respect the diversity of our community and be mindful of the fact that certain content and actions can make the people around you uncomfortable. If your project contains material that might cross that boundary, you should tell one of the event organizers about it before your present your project.

If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable or that you believe is making other attendees uncomfortable, you should disclose that to the event organizers in a responsible manner. The event organizers will do their best to evaluate the situation and determine what the appropriate response (if any) should be.

Ultimately, the event organizers reserve the right to determine what content and actions are appropriate for their meetups and which projects are allowed to be presented there.

Adopted from Major League Hacking.